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86 posts at WordPress, moving on… July 6, 2009

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 I really can’t believe that I have been blogging for over a year and have 86 posts. But, that is what the numbers tell me.  After seeing some of my blog friends move over to blogspot, I decided it was time to check it out.  I now have a new blog address http://lemondropssimplestuff.blogspot.com/

I haven’t posted at my new home yet, but I will do so soon. Still trying to figure the basic stuff out.  So please add my new address to your favorites and stop by and visit soon.  Hmmm, maybe I need to have a Grand Opening Giveaway! Better bet busy!

Hope you all had a nice 4th.  After confirming with other viewers of our OOH AHHH fireworks here in Lodi California, I can say that the finale was the best they have had in a few years. I loved it! Hope you too got to see some cool fireworks!



Super Simple Sugar Cookies July 4, 2009

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Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix is great! With my “from scratch” recipe I have to let the dough sit in the frig for at least an hour before rolling it out. With the mix, it is immedietly ready to go! Just be sure to follow the directions on the back of the package for cut cookies. No waiting! I have used this mix a couple of times and find it easy to work with.  With 2 packages I was able to make 60 medium sized star cookies to be frosted for the 4th of July tomorrow morning.



And we have a winner!!!

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I joke about having 3 peeps that read my blog.  But I was wrong, I actually had 4 sign up for the giveaway.

Thank you Jenny, Stephanie, Roxanne and Mona for posting a comment on the giveaway post. 

Wrote up 4 little pieces of paper with your names on them and the winner is …..(drumroll)…MONA!!!!!! Thanks again for viewing my blog!

Just email me your address and I will send your prize or I can deliver to church. Let me know!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer weather and have plans for a festive 4th!


Happy 4th of July! July 1, 2009

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I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July!

Here are my minimal holiday decorations.  Thanks to Jenny over at Liptsick and Laundry for the idea of the wooden stars mod podged with cool Statue of Liberty napkins. I have to get some ribbon and wire to finish those off.

4thofjuly1 0024thofjuly1 001

4thofjuly1 003


We Love Monterey! June 30, 2009

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Monterey is our favorite California destination!  We were invited to a birthday party in Salinas last weekend, so since we were sooo close to Monterey John and I  were able to spend some time in our favorite California spot!  The weather was beautiful!  I don’t think I have ever been in Monterey when it was so warm! monterey01 018

My daughter is going to be attending CSU Monterey Bay this fall.  So I will have a very good reason for visiting Monterey OFTEN. Check out this place we found for rent right accross the street from the beach!  In my dreams! Actually, they divided this cool looking house into 3 units.  The 1 bedroom with an office rents for $1900 a month.  I think a little too expensive for college students.    I wish I could live here, at least during our hot valley summer! Came home to over 100 degrees in Lodi! YUCK!!!!monterey01 033

What is not to love about Monterey?

monterey01 025

monterey01 052
John wrote on this post over 2 years ago, it was faded but still visible this trip, so he updated.  Glad we worked things out and that our love didn’t fade away 🙂

monterey01 004


A Giveaway and some Easy Baking! June 27, 2009

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A cute little giveway for all my 3 peeps :).  For your consideration I have this little matching red set: a memo pad, a tin filled with chocolate and notecards and envelopes.  Leave me a comment and I will enter you to win. Mention me in your blog and let me know about it, and I will enter you again.  I will put numbers into a bowl and my handsome son will pick the winner next friday July 3rd. (Sorry I don’t know about random integers??)  hamburger 001Now on to some easy baking!  Last weekend we had an end of the season Baseball party, a Birthday and Fathers day. So I was busy baking for all 3.   I give thanks to Bakerella for a couple of great ideas! And thanks to Winco for such low prices on baking supplies!

I saw this cute burger and fry basket idea over at Bakerella.  I copied, but did it the cheap and easy way.  I didn’t put sesame seeds on the buns( I didn’t think 11 and 12 yr old boys would care), and I only did “lettuce” frosting. Bakerella also made yellow and red frosting for ketchup and mustard.  Even though I took the easy route, the baseball team as well as the parents loved them.  I used 2 boxes of brownie mix, prepared in my 1/2 sheet cake pan for the patties.  I made cupcakes with yellow cake mix and used milk instead of water in the recipe for the buns.  I used 1 container of white frosting and colored it green for lettuce.  I used a circle cutter for the brownies to turn them into burger patties. I then cut the cupcakes in half and plopped the brownies right in the middle, topped with some “lettuce” frosting. And voila! they really did look like burgers!  I used 2 packages of sugar cookie mix and followed the directions for making cut cookies.  I rolled the dough out into an oblong and cut into fries.  As you can see my fries came out more “home fry” than Mc Donalds. So note to self for next time “CUT Thinner fries!”  I bought a package of 250 fry baskets at Smart and Final for a little over $5.00 and that was it.  If you want to try this at home, call me I have lots of fry baskets leftover! :0 )

hamburger 002

For the birthday, I did a big cookie instead of a cake. This was super easy, inexpensive and pretty cool. I used 2 packages of chocolate chip cookie mix for less than $4.00 at Winco.  I lined my Pampered Chef bar pan with foil and spread the prepared mix and baked.  It did take longer than regualar cookies. I am sorry, I don’t remember exactly how much longer, but I had to keep checking on it every 4 minutes or so. When it was cool I lifted it out by the the foil. Guaranteed no sticking!  I decorated around the edges with frosting and used purple gel for the writing.  I like this one!

hamburger 003

For Fathers day I made lemon bars from scratch! Yes peeps that is right! I didn’t buy the bar mix!!! And it was pretty easy! I saw the recipe at Bakerella .  Go over to her blog and scroll down a bit for this one.  The crust was crumbly and flaky and yummy and the lemon was sweet and tart and just the right consistency.  Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of these. But they look better at Bakerella anyway.

Hope all this easy baking information has inspired you to make something sweet for your sweeties! Have a great weekend!



Maybe I do have OCD??? June 8, 2009

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I either have obsessive compulsive disorder or am just getting close to finishing off the few projects I have been working on in the house.  Or I am just plain crazy? Only God knows 🙂

Earlier today I showed you the end table project. Now here is the picture of my almost finished living room.  Got the wall art, got the pillows, got the end tables.  I just need lamps. The 2 I have in there now are from my bedroom and that is where they belong.  So I will be on the lookout for just the right lamps for the living room on a budget of course.  I guess I could have cleared off the coffee table and fixed the pillows. Oops!!!! 

I also still need to paint this wall. Lastly, I need to finish the curtains in my bedroom and find a nice throw for the bed.  Then I will be done.  For a while anyway!  You never know what treasures are out there calling my name! 😉

I can not believe I have been blogging for over a year! I just noticed that! I didn’t even have a celebration and still haven’t done my giveaway! I am working on it, I promise!